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┼Żivljenje na Finskem

Na pismu pa piše:


“I am a 21 year-old student from Finland.
It makes me sad to hear how Americans are suffering.

Here, our taxes are high but we all benefit from them.

I grew up in the countryside and always had access to the same services that people in the city did.

My university is known around the world in my field and my education is not only free, but my government pays ME to go to university. Everyone has a right to this.

Everyone has a right to the best healthcare, there is no such thing as health insurance.

I am young now and able to take risks and pursue my passion because I will never have to worry about starving if I lose my job or my business fails.

I know that when I am old my state pension will be there for me so that I can enjoy my retirement. We call this the Nordic Model, and under it we live well and our businesses are among the most competitive in the world.

I am grateful to have been born a citizen of a country that cares for its people, and I hope that one day the USA will take example from us.

I am the 99%”

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